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Screen capturing software enabling to save to file with a single click

Capturing screen shots is a surprisingly common task users need to perform. The problem is that you can't always capture your screen, or you don’t always know how to. If you do manage to capture your screen, you sometimes can't get your captured image into an editing platform, so you really can't do anything with it, except indulging in the sweet taste of success derived from being able to capture your screen without resorting to calling your teenage neighbor for aid.
For that end Print Screen Deluxe had been developed. With Print Screen Deluxe you'll be able to quickly and easily capture your screen with a single stroke of a button. Hitting a single key you'll be able not only to capture your screen, but also to print it or save it to file. You can even select your current window to be captured, the entire screen or a selected area of it. Print Screen Deluxe sports a simple and easy to use user interface that will also enable you to import images from digital cameras and scanners, to add arrows and to highlight desired objects.
Using Print Screen Deluxe you can even add comments to the photos you capture of your screen which makes it an extremely efficient tool for recording instructions and how-to-do manuals.
Other features will allow you to directly send your products via emails, use a time delay function to perform additional tasks prior to capturing the screen, shrink and stretch your captured images and perform additional photo manipulation actions, capture images when using multiple screens, save your captured images as PDF files or as another one of the 55 available formats, capture a video of your screen activity to an AVI file and add comments to your screen captures.
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